The Global Crises

The spread of Covid-19 and the following global crisis across the globe has impacted everyone. Despite these tumultuous times, what hasn’t changed is AIMS Education’s commitment to you and our global community. Understanding the financial strain many are facing, we have decided to offer a tuition fee scholarship to our program participants. This initiative is designed to ease financial burdens and ensure that education remains accessible to all, even in the face of a global crisis. By providing fee scholarship, we aim to support our students’ academic endeavors, fostering resilience and hope for a brighter future.

Get Back & Move Forward with Our Scholarship

At AIMS, we understand that during times when it feels like the world has come to a standstill, envisioning a clear path ahead can be incredibly challenging. That’s precisely why we are wholeheartedly dedicated to assisting you in finding your way forward. As part of this commitment, AIMS is excited to invite you to embark on your journey with us. We are determined to support you in every possible manner, ensuring you remain connected and progress towards your goals. To further facilitate your advancement, AIMS is offering a generous 35% fee scholarship. Let us help you pave the way to a brighter future together.

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35% Fee Scholarship

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide are at risk as job losses increase due to the global crises, and we want to help. We are committed to providing an opportunity for people to secure their jobs, or re-enter the workforce as quickly as possible and with a stronger skill set than before. We are proud to announce the Financial Relief Offer, to help professionals negatively impacted by the current situations. We are offering an opportunity to earn a Professional Certificate, Master’s Diploma, MBA, and PhD programs at a 35% Fee Scholarship.

AIMS’ Holistic Financial Support and Global Perspectives

The AIMS Scholarship program offers numerous benefits to global students, enhancing their academic and professional development.

  • The financial support provided by the scholarship helps alleviate the burden of tuition fees, accommodation, and living expenses, allowing students to focus on their studies and extracurricular activities.
  • Recipients gain access to a prestigious network of alumni and industry professionals, opening doors to valuable mentorship and career opportunities.
  • Our scholarship program also encourages cultural exchange and fosters a diverse learning environment, enabling students to develop a global perspective and build lasting international connections.
  • Ultimately, the AIMS UK Scholarship empowers students to achieve their full potential and contribute meaningfully to their fields of expertise.

UK Accredited & Globally Recognized Online Education

AIMS’ highly interactive learning materials and its robust learning management system enable you to conveniently schedule your studies. For individuals, AIMS’ learning design team has developed some of the most effective, scientifically-supported techniques to ensure your success as an online learner.


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Islamic banking and finance is one of the most essential needs of Muslims, which is approx. 25% of worlds’ population