CPM Certification:

The field of project management is rapidly expanding and plays a vital role in every organization. Project managers must complete major tasks within specified timeframes, budgets, and resource allocations. By obtaining a Certified Project Manager certification, you will acquire the necessary skills to effectively manage diverse projects within your company, ensuring each situation is handled competitively. The CPM certification, which includes PMP Training, PDU, and Exam Prep, empowers graduates to secure influential positions within their organizations. Upon successful completion of the CPM course, candidates will possess the ability to navigate every stage of the project management life cycle with ease.

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Level-5: Certified Project Manager (CPM)

AIMS is registered with UKRLP, and its rigorous and systematic approach to professional enhancement is guaranteed by CPD accreditation in the United Kingdom. CPMs are produced according to Ofqual Level-5 standards of the RFQ of the United Kingdom, with more than 20 credits. CPM training includes 35 PMP PDUs, Training, and Exam Preparation. This program caters to enhance your career prospects and increase salary potential.

Learning Outcomes !

  • Assess the complexity of the project and analyze the scope to a certain degree.

  • Learn to professionally report performance and status, and get PMP training, PMP exam prep & PDU.

  • Document the needs of Stakeholders and implement a strategy to fulfill their expectations.

  • Take charge of project activities and evaluate enhancements to enrich the company’s knowledge portfolio.

  • Create a project plan that balances cost, time, scope, quality, human resources, and risk.

  • Uphold legal and ethical standards in the workplace for a better professional environment.

CPM Course: A Quick Review

Mode of Study Flexible & Convenient Online Learning.
Estimated Duration 2-3 Months.
Registration Validity 7 Months.
Online Study Resources Interactive lectures,
Comprehensive e-Manual,
Faculty Support,
e-Library, and,
Online assignments.
Study Requirements 9 to 11 hours a week.
Additional Benefit PMP training and exam prep.
Certification Achieved Certified Project Manager (CPM).

How to Become a Certified Project Manager (CPM)?

The quickest and easiest way to achieve the CPM certification project management with AIMS is to sign up online, attend the interactive lectures, and complete the MCQs type assignments. You can take online courses whenever and wherever you want. The online project management training can be completed in 2-3 months. You will take the final certification test online, and it will be scheduled based on your available date and time. The process of becoming a Certified Project Manager (CPM) involves three simple steps.

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Begin your journey by registering for the certification online. This step is straightforward and sets the foundation for your journey to becoming a CPM.

Once you have successfully enrolled, you gain access to a treasure trove of study resources that are 100% online and can be accessed at your convenience. These resources include interactive lectures, comprehensive study manuals, online faculty support, and a project management library. Additionally, the PMP course includes four PMP mock examinations to prepare students for the CPM and PMP Examinations. Students are also required to submit six Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) type assignments online at their own pace and convenience.

Interactive Lectures:

These are dynamic and engaging online lectures where industry experts share their knowledge and insights on various aspects of project management. These lectures not only present comprehensive explanations but also incorporate real-life examples and captivating case studies to enhance your understanding of each topic. Experience a new level of learning that is both intellectually stimulating and practically applicable.

Comprehensive Study Manuals:

An extensive resource, these manuals provide in-depth coverage of the course syllabus. They are well-structured and easy to understand, making them a valuable tool for self-study.

Online Faculty Support:

This is a platform for students to access expert help and guidance. Through this feature, students can clarify doubts, seek advice, and get feedback on their performance, enriching their learning experience.

Project Management Library:

This is a digital repository of relevant and up-to-date literature, including books, articles, journals, and case studies on project management. It serves as an excellent reference source for further reading and research.

Practice Assignments:

These are tasks designed to reinforce learned concepts and skills. By attempting these assignments, students get practical exposure and a chance to apply theoretical knowledge in simulated real-world situations.

PMP Mock Exams:

As part of the Certified Project Manager (CPM) training, the PMP mock exams play an essential role in preparing students for the actual PMP certification exam. These simulated tests replicate the format, difficulty, and time constraints of the real exam, providing students with a realistic and practical experience. The mock exams help students assess their understanding of the course material, identify areas of strength and improvement, and build confidence for the actual PMP exam. Furthermore, they enable students to familiarize themselves with the exam’s structure and question types, ensuring they are well-equipped to tackle the PMP certification exam.

The CPM examination is 100% online and can be taken at any time. The exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions that must be completed within a given timeframe. Once you have successfully passed the examination, you will receive your official CPM certificate.

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certified project manager

Our Student Say!

“The AIMS program has been an incredible and unforgettable experience. The online lectures, which provide flexibility, along with the support of the faculty, have greatly enhanced my professional skills and abilities.”

J. A. Abbasi,

United Kingdom.

Unlock Your Path to Success: Key Features of CPM

Enhance your project management skills with the Certified Project Manager certification. Whether you are currently managing a project or have aspirations to do so, this program is perfect for you. Designed for both experienced professionals and those looking to advance their careers in project management. CPM training will equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed. Ideal candidates are individuals who possess strong organizational skills and strategic thinking abilities. Join us and unlock your potential in the world of project management.

  • Broaden Your Expertise

    Enhance your professional standing with two distinguished qualifications. Our comprehensive CPM training, which aligns with the esteemed PMBOK guide, includes preparation for the renowned PMP course exam. By pursuing the coveted CPM certification, candidates will not only elevate their professional reputation but also gain 35 PDU credits toward the prestigious PMP certification. Unleash your potential with this invaluable opportunity.

  • Flexible Learning System

    Unleash your potential with CPM’s flexible online learning platform. Whether you’re a part-time or full-time learner, our platform caters to your schedule and needs. Experience the freedom of studying anytime, anywhere with our innovative online interactive lectures. Take control of your education and create an examination schedule that fits perfectly into your life. Grow, learn, and succeed on your own terms with CPM.

  • Who Should Attend?

    Discover the path to a successful career or gain valuable managerial skills by attending our PMP training course. CPM Training is ideal for individuals who are seeking managerial positions, professional growth, and better career prospects in the following industries:

    • Engineering
    • Construction
    • Consultancy
    • Management
    • Information Technology
    • Finance
    • Healthcare
    • Contracts
  • Elevate Your Career

    Supercharge your career with CPM certification online and unlock a world of opportunities. It is carefully curated to enhance your managerial prowess in essential project management spheres such as Cost Management, HR Management, Risk Management, Stakeholder Management, Team Management, Time Management, Project Quality Management, and Leadership Skills. Our esteemed alumni are making waves in top global corporations, and our prosperous future awaits.

  • Accelerate Your Higher Education Journey

    Our program also gives you the equivalent of nine (9) valuable graduate credit hours. This outstanding certificate opens doors to various advanced options, including transferring credits toward Expert Project Management Certification, a postgraduate online diploma in project management, an online MBA in project management, and even a prestigious research-based Ph.D. opportunity in project management.

  • Get Industry Ready

    It is specifically tailored for professionals seeking to enhance their managerial skills in project management and gain a globally recognized certification.

    • Enhance your marketability with CPM, the globally recognized credential that employers crave.
    • Develop a profound understanding of project management principles, practices, and tools through our comprehensive program.
    • Emphasizing the practical application of project management concepts, this training goes beyond theory to equip you with real-world skills.

Have Question?

    How does the CPM course enable a project management career for beginners?

    Even if you are new to the field, it provides the necessary competencies to embark on a successful project management career. Starting from the fundamental concepts of project management, the program not only verifies your understanding of the core project management principles but also validates your ability to apply them in real-world scenarios. Therefore, it serves as a stepping stone for aspiring project managers and a solid foundation for future PMP certification.

    Is CPM better than PMP?

    While both CPM and PMP have their unique advantages, the AIMS’ CPM certification project management can be a more accessible, affordable, and rewarding option. Standard PMP training courses typically provide only 35 PDUs upon completion. However, choosing to undertake the CPM course offered by AIMS gives you a distinct advantage. Not only will you earn the requisite 35 PDUs, but you also receive a globally recognized and accredited CPM certification.
    This Certified Project Manager status from AIMS is accepted and esteemed by organizations worldwide. As such, many professionals who complete their CPM through AIMS see little need to pursue the PMP certification, having already gained significant recognition and validation through their CPM credentials.

    Why should I choose AIMS’ CPM over other PMP Training Programs?

    The Certified Project Manager (CPM) course from AIMS outclasses other PMP training in three critical aspects.

    • Quality Education: AIMS online training lectures are notable for their exceptional quality. They go beyond the conventional realm of project management education to offer out-of-the-box insights that are unmatchable with other regular PMP training providers.
    • Accreditation: CPM Certification is not just another certificate. It is awarded by a UK-recognized and CPD-accredited institution. This backing ensures that the quality of education provided by AIMS is held to a high standard, giving you a significant edge in your project management career.
    • Certification: CPM certification is granted immediately upon successful completion of the CPM training. This contrasts with the PMP and other related training where you only obtain Professional Development Units (PDUs), and the certification itself may require additional steps or time.

    Is it hard to pass the CPM certification?

    The CPM certification, encompassing the extensive syllabus of PMP, is indeed a challenging qualification to earn. However, the way AIMS has structured the online lectures explained each topic through examples and case studies, and continuous support from expert faculty, has simplified the complexity of the certification process. This holistic approach makes it more feasible for aspiring project managers to attain the coveted “Certified Project Manager” title.

    What is the expected salary of a Certified Project Manager (CPM)?

    The expected salary of a Certified Project Manager (CPM) can vary significantly depending on the country, industry, and experience level. However, on average, a CPM in the UK can expect to earn between £40,000 to £80,000 annually. Professionals with extensive experience and advanced skills may command salaries in the upper range, while those at the beginning of their careers can expect salaries towards the lower end of this scale. It’s important to note that obtaining a CPM certification can significantly bolster one’s earning potential, as it demonstrates a mastery of essential project management skills.

    What are the career prospects of CPM in Career Growth?

    Regardless of the industry, from IT and healthcare to construction and finance, the demand for skilled project managers is growing. And, pursuing a CPM certification opens up a wide range of rewarding career opportunities. In the UK alone, it’s estimated that organizations will need to fill nearly 2.2 million new project-oriented roles each year through 2030, according to the Project Management Institute (PMI). With a CPM certificate, you position yourself as a top candidate for these roles.