PhD in Project management is a research-based study emphasizing on the conduction of the business. Scholars are prepared to influence, lead, and get advancement in business practices to get a competitive advantage. Polish your decision-making and leadership skills with our extensive research based PhD project management online to ace your way into the top multinational organizations. Program targets the global economy and empirical research to solve complex challenges in public, private, autonomous, and non-profit sectors. The doctorate in project management is offered both Full-Time and Part-Time, through distance learning, and scholars are required to prepare an empirical research-based dissertation.


AIMS welcomes candidates pursuing PhD in Project Management to achieve the milestone in a postgraduate study program. By completing successfully, you would be able to contribute excellence by generating and disseminating research-based knowledge at corporate and university levels, and produce your scholarly research publishable in top journals.

Objectives of PhD Project Management Online


phd project management online

PhD Project Management at a Glance

Study ModeDistance Learning | Self-paced
Study RequirementsPrepare your dissertation, which is supervised by AIMS’ PhD faculty
Average Duration of Completion1.5 to 2 years
Registration Validity3 years
PhD Self Study Requirements10-12 hours per week
Credit Hours12
UK QualificationLevel – 8
Degree AwardedDoctorate in Project Management


Our doctoral program is globally recognized and honorably reputed. Our PhDs are working in multifaceted organizations, universities, and renowned institutes. Our PhD in IT Project Management and PhD in Construction Management are officially recognized by the governing bodies in the United States.

PhD in Project Management program helps our scholars to research issues like: dispute resolution, policy implementation, risk management, to create a healthy environment for sustainable project management and provides professional advancement. The focused objectives of the PhD in Project Management program are:

  • To contribute your learned knowledge in public, private, autonomous, and non-profit establishments.
  • To yield excellent project management researchers and professors contributing to their respective fields.

Doctorate in project management is ideal for candidates to demonstrate advanced knowledge and research in specialized areas of project management consultations, policy analyst, conflict and dispute resolution, risk management, business marketing consultations, HR, quality management, production, sustainable project management.

Our self-paced learning can quickly be scheduled around family and work. It is flexible, convenient, cost-effective, greater focus, comprehensive, helps to build a solid base for research and gives you permanent content and standard training manuals, which becomes an asset.

Students who hold Masters in Project Management from AIMS or any other recognized institution may enroll in the PhD Project Management online, without additional course work. However, for other graduates, diploma in project management is a pre-requisite, which cover all the major project management courses.
  • Research based doctorate degree.
  • Internationally Accredited Qualification.
  • Facilitated by leading Project Management Scholars.
  • Flexible learning model.
  • Full-Time & Part-Time study options.

Our Student Say!

“I had an excellent experience with the Project Management Academy at AIMS. The focus and individual attention that faculty members give to us students is remarkable. The faculty of the PhD Project Management Online program are knowledgeable, approachable, and passionate about their work. I was allowed to prepare a dissertation that I was passionate about myself. The self-paced learning and regularly updated research-based interactive curriculum allowed me to access the most modern industry trends and resolved policies for project management.”

Laura Grace, Program Director.