Islamic finance is among the fastest growing markets, and over 700 Islamic financial institutions are operating in both Muslims and Non-Muslim countries. Organizations yearly need 15,000+ professionals, who have a good understanding of laws and applications of Islamic finance in real life. Master Diploma in Islamic Finance (MDIF) is an advanced level qualification, which produces highly skilled professionals, who can fulfil the market demands. It does not assume a previous understanding of Islamic finance, and it is designed by leading scholars and well-known practitioners of Islamic finance. It is made to produce skilled experts, who fully know Shariah rulings and laws. Diploma in Islamic banking provides a range of skills to students that will be of great value for “Employment” or “Consultancy”.

Program Objective !

Develop skills to design Islamic banking & takaful products, and manage Islamic financial services.

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Our self-paced learning environment allows you to easily manage your studies between work and family.

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MDIF is awarded by AIMS – a CPD accredited and UKRLP registered institute. CPD accreditation assures that AIMS’ practical and methodical approach is focused to improve professional development. MDIF Total Qualification Time (TQT) is 405 hours and it is designed as per Ofqual Level-5 standards of Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).

MDIF at a Glance

Study Mode100% Online Education through Self paced learning.
Estimated Duration4-5 months.
Registration ValidityOne year.
Study ResourcesInteractive online lectures.
Comprehensive study manual for every course.
24/7 Educational support by leading scholars.
Online Islamic Banking and Finance library.
14 online Assignments for progress monitoring.
Real World Project to excel practical skills.
Number of CoursesEight courses, divided into two semesters.
Study Requirements10 to 12 hours of study in a week.
Credit Hours27
Certificates You ReceiveCertified Islamic Banker (CIB),
Certified Takaful Professional (CTP),
Certified Islamic Finance Expert (CIFE) and,
Master Diploma in Islamic Finance (MDIF)

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    Certified Islamic Banker (Islamic banking certification), Certified Islamic Finance Expert (Islamic finance certification), and Certified Takaful Professional (Islamic insurance certification) are awarded to the students, when they complete the Semester-I of the MDIF Islamic finance diploma.

    Working on a Real-World project allows you to practically implement Shariah based principles (theoretical concepts) in the real world.

    Our learning platform is online and highly flexible, specially designed for working professionals. You decide your own time to study and complete the program.

    Employers pay higher salaries to those who hold recognized and accredited qualifications. According to a survey in UK and Middle East, over 95% Islamic finance professionals reported salary increments after completing their studies.

    Look at job titles and expected salaries of Islamic finance diploma graduates:

    Associate Salary$52,000 – $120,000
    Manager Salary$110,000 – $190,000

    27 credits earned during MDIF are transferable to Masters in Islamic Banking and Finance programs. In many cases, MDIF is a Pre-Requisite for PhD in Islamic Finance studies.

    Many AIMS’ graduates received increments in their salaries of up to 200% after they completed their Islamic finance diploma.

    MDIF is maintaining its reputation since year 2008. Most of our graduates are now working in key positions in banks and insurance companies, around the globe.

    Thousands of new openings come up every month, in over 100 countries, and companies are searching for skilled and highly trained staff. The Islamic banking diploma has helped many graduates to get career jobs. MDIF is an ideal choice for those seeking career and growth in:

    • Banking.
    • Accounting.
    • Insurance.
    • Auditing.
    • Finance.
    • Law.
    • Teaching.
    Islamic banking diploma

    Our Student Say!

    “I earned my MDIF from AIMS, which far exceeded my expectations. During my diploma in Islamic finance studies, I experienced a unique way of learning. Training approach of AIMS is both theoretical and practical. One can easily complete the studies at their own pace. The assignments given at the end of each module are very helpful to implant the main knowledge. I was awarded by CIFE (which comprises 5 Islamic finance courses online), when I completed the first semester. I highly recommend this diploma in Islamic banking to anyone, who wants to secure a high value career in finance profession.”

    Dr. Hajer Zarrouk Ouafi, Lecturer

    Emirates College of Technology, UAE.