Master Diploma in Supply Chain Management (MDSCM):

The annual growth rate of the supply chain and logistics market is more than 10%, which requires tens of thousands of qualified professionals, worldwide. MDSCM is the best option if you want to become a supply chain and logistics expert. You can study anywhere and at any time using the highly interactive learning material. The diploma in supply chain management online is designed for you to efficiently design, implement, and manage supply chains. The program emphasizes problem-solving skills by connecting theory to real-world applications. Graduates of the diploma in logistics and supply chain management online program can get mid and senior-level positions in the supply chain, logistics, procurement, manufacturing, distribution, transportation, and warehousing.

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Level-6: Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management

AIMS is registered with the UKRLP and has obtained accreditation from CPD in the United Kingdom. The Master Diploma in Supply Chain Management (MDSCM) adheres to the guidelines established by the Ofqual Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) for Level-6 Graduate Diploma, which encompasses more than 50 credits. Furthermore, those with the MDSCM diploma have the opportunity to use it as a means to pursue a Master’s Degree.

MDSCM Objectives !

  • Equip yourself with the necessary tools to design and improve logistics and supply chain networks.

  • Prepare yourself to design & strategically manage international supply chains, within a multi-disciplinary environment.

  • Learn to manage all areas of SCM such as logistics, warehousing, production, transportation, inventory, and procurement.

  • Develop a strategic mindset and be able to identify areas of improvement, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings.

  • Seize the opportunity to ascend to the forefront of the industry, equipped with an arsenal of practical skills and theoretical knowledge.

  • Distinguish yourself from your peers and enhance your earning potential by acquiring comprehensive expertise and hands-on experience.

Supply Chain Diploma – a Quick Review:

Mode of Studies Online and Self paced learning.
Duration of Completion 3 to 4 months.
Registration Validity 14 months.
Study Resources Online interactive lectures.
Study manuals designed by experts.
24/7 faculty support.
Supply Chain e-library.
8 online Assignments.
Real-world project.
Number of Courses Five courses are divided into two semesters.
Average Study 10 to 12 hours of study in a week.
Certifications Awarded Certified Supply & Logistics Professional (CSLP),
Certified Supply Chain Expert (CSCE), and
Master Diploma in Supply Chain Management (MDSCM).

How to Achieve the Supply Chain and Logistics Diploma?

Unleash your potential in the logistics and supply chain industry with our online diploma program. No need for prior education or experience – we’ll help you become a master in this field. Our comprehensive program starts with the core concepts and empowers you to excel in this field. Study at your own pace and balance your studies with work and family commitments, as our fully online program allows for flexible scheduling. With interactive learning content and 24/7 academic support, we ensure that you have all the resources you need to succeed. Take just three simple steps to earn the supply chain diploma online.

diploma in logistics and supply chain management online

Our Premium Academic Resources

Experience our captivating interactive lectures that truly engage and stimulate your intellect. Designed by technical experts and industry leaders, our top-tier curriculum guarantees unrivaled quality. Our innovative teaching approach combines theoretical knowledge with real-world scenarios, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of each subject. Dive deep into case studies and practical examples that bring every topic to life.

Expand your academic horizons with our comprehensive online library. Access a wealth of invaluable resources, including video lectures, captivating presentations, scholarly books, and cutting-edge journals.

Improve your knowledge of logistics and supply chain management with our comprehensive series of assignments. Complete a total of 8 multiple-choice question assignments, with 2 assignments per course, to gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Developed by our esteemed team of logistics and supply chain management experts, these comprehensive manuals are the ultimate resource for mastering every facet of the dynamic supply chain and logistics sectors. Gain unparalleled knowledge and insights with our in-depth study guides.

Receive online academic guidance from our accomplished faculty, comprised of experts in the field of logistics and supply chain.

In the pursuit of practical knowledge, students of our supply chain and logistics diploma delve into the realm of real-world applications. This project challenges students to apply their course theories and design a supply chain for a specific industry. The SCOR model serves as their guiding framework.

MDSCM Program Structure

Our supply chain and logistics diploma program consists of four courses and a real-world project, which students complete over two semesters. Here are some of the program’s key advantages:

  • Upon Completion of Semester-1 students are awarded the Certified Supply & Logistics Professional (CSLP) and Certified Supply Chain Expert (CSCE) certifications.

  • Upon Completion of Semester 2, the Master Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (MDSCM) designation and certification are awarded to the students.

  • MDSCM Matches 50+ Credits, which is equivalent to completing both Semesters I and II of the MBA in Supply Chain Management program. It also fulfills the prerequisites for a doctorate degree in supply chain management.

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Our Student Say!

“This postgraduate diploma in logistics and supply chain management meets the needs of individuals seeking to advance their supply chain management careers to new heights. The study materials provided by AIMS were of excellent quality and played a crucial role in improving my understanding of the subject. MDSCM went beyond my expectations, providing me with an opportunity to learn more than I had initially anticipated. I am sincerely grateful for this valuable experience.”

diploma in logistics and supply chain management
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    Unlock Your Success: Key Features of MDSCM

    • Stay Ahead With Latest Industry Trends

      Throughout the logistics diploma program, you will learn how to apply logistics and supply chain management concepts in real-world scenarios. You will also gain a deep understanding of the global and local trends shaping this industry, as well as the challenges and opportunities it presents.

    • Prestigious Certifications Lead to Higher Education

      Our exclusive MDSCM program includes the curriculum of Certified Supply Chain Expert and Certified Supply and Logistics Professional certifications. Upon successfully completing Semester I of the diploma in logistics and supply chain management online, participants will receive these two esteemed certificates. Additionally, participants will earn over 50 credits, which can be seamlessly transferred towards MBA supply chain management degree or a research-based doctorate in supply chain & logistics program.

    • Globally Accredited Self-Paced Learning

      MDSCM is CPD Accredited in the UK, guaranteeing that our curriculum and training equip students for career advancement and improved remuneration. Elevate your skills at your own convenience with our self-paced, online instructional materials. The logistics diploma is ccessible anytime, anywhere.

    • Develop Skills That Employers Need

      Our diploma in logistics and supply chain management goes beyond the theoretical basis of the field. It is designed to equip you with practical skills that are sought after by employers. With in-depth knowledge and practical skills, you can stand out among your peers and command a higher salary. This credential is highly valued in a variety of industries, demonstrating your commitment to professional development and expertise in this field.

    Why Choose AIMS’ diploma in logistics and supply chain management online?

    • Industry-Relevant Curriculum: Our diploma in logistics and supply chain management online is designed with a curriculum that reflects the latest industry trends and practices. This ensures that you gain skills that are relevant and in demand in today’s marketplace.
    • Accredited Qualification: Our logistics diploma is accredited by internationally recognized institutions, providing you with a qualification that is respected globally in the logistics and supply chain field.
    • Flexible Online Learning: Our online diploma in supply chain management offers the flexibility to learn at your own pace and from any location, making it a convenient choice for working professionals or those with personal obligations.
    • Real-World Scenarios: Our teaching approach involves the use of real-world scenarios and case studies. This hands-on experience not only enhances understanding but also prepares you for the challenges you may face in your career.
    • Experienced Faculty: Our logistics and supply chain diploma is delivered by faculty members who are experienced professionals in the logistics and supply chain sector. Their industry knowledge and insights enrich the learning experience.
    • Networking Opportunities: As a student of our diploma in supply chain management, you will have the opportunity to network with peers and professionals in the field, potentially opening doors for future career opportunities.
    • Additional Certifications: On successful completion of the first semester of our diploma in logistics and supply chain management, participants are awarded additional CSCE (Certified Supply Chain Expert) and CSLP (Certified Supply Chain Logistics Professional) certifications.
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    What are the career prospects and salary outlook after the supply chain management diploma?

    After acquiring a diploma in logistics and supply chain management, your career prospects are wide and varied. The field continues to grow, with an increasing demand for skilled professionals, ensuring a positive job outlook. Here are senior managerial positions that you can aspire to, along with the median annual salary (in USD) for each role:

    • Chief Supply Chain Manager ($120,000): This role involves overseeing the entire supply chain process, from procurement to delivery.
    • Senior Logistics Manager ($85,000): The Senior Logistics Manager is responsible for planning and coordinating the transportation of goods to ensure efficient delivery.
    • Chief Procurement Officer ($125,000): CPOs are responsible for managing and coordinating the company’s procurement strategies.
    • Warehouse Operations Director ($100,000): This role involves overseeing warehouse operations to ensure efficiency and productivity.
    • Distribution Center Manager ($75,000): The Distribution Center Manager is responsible for managing the operations of the distribution center, including inventory management and shipping.
    • Global Supply Chain Director ($130,000): This role oversees all aspects of the global supply chain, ensuring operations run smoothly across different regions.
    • Senior Operations Manager ($100,000): The Senior Operations Manager oversees the day-to-day operations of a company, including procurement, production, and distribution.
    • Inventory Control Director ($90,000): This role involves managing a company’s inventory to ensure it meets its operational requirements.
    • Transport and Logistics Director ($120,000): This role involves planning, directing, and coordinating the transportation of goods to ensure timely delivery.
    • Supply Chain Consultant ($105,000): Consultants in this field assist companies in optimizing their supply chain processes.

    Who should pursue the online diploma in supply chain management and logistics?

    A diploma in supply chain management and logistics online is a versatile qualification that can enrich a broad range of professionals:

    • Entry-level professionals who want to specialize in logistics and supply chain management. This diploma can be the stepping stone to an exciting and rewarding career in this field.
    • Mid-level professionals already working in logistics, procurement, or a related field. The diploma in supply chain management can provide these professionals with a deeper understanding of the industry, enabling career progression.
    • Executives and senior managers who want a comprehensive overview of the supply chain sector. This can help them make more informed strategic decisions related to operations and procurement.
    • Career switchers who are interested in moving into the logistics and supply chain sector from other industries. The supply chain and logistics diploma can provide them with the foundational knowledge and skills to make this transition smooth.
    • Consultants and freelancers working in the procurement, operations, or logistics field. This diploma can add credibility to their profile and enhance their ability to advise clients.
    • Entrepreneurs and business owners who handle their own supply chain management. The knowledge and skills gained from this diploma in logistics and supply chain management can help them streamline their operations, improving efficiency and reducing costs.