PhD in supply chain management, emphasizes research-based study. From Giant corporates to small business operations, the optimization of effective supply chain management is always crucial. Supply chain in today’s world is the backbone of any organization and creates competitive advantage. This program objectifies to help candidates to secure a high position at top-ranked organizations. Supply chain PhD yields the scholarly research-based skills in the candidate. It is accredited globally and offers both Full-Time and Part-Time through distance learning method. Students will prepare a research-based dissertation, and get engaged in promoting the industry evidence-based practices, by application of the learned methodology and prove themselves as the future generation of scholars.


AIMS welcomes candidates pursuing PhD in supply chain management to achieve the milestone in a postgraduate study program. By completing successfully, you would be able to effectively undertake consulting and research-based programs and demonstrate advanced knowledge and research in a specialized area of the supply channel.

Objectives of the Supply Chain PhD


supply chain phd

PhD Supply Chain at a Glance

Study ModeDistance Learning | Self-paced
Study RequirementsPrepare your dissertation, which is supervised by AIMS’ PhD faculty
Average Duration of Completion1.5 to 2 years
Registration Validity3 years
PhD Self Study Requirements10-12 hours per week
Credit Hours12
UK QualificationLevel – 8
Degree AwardedPhD in Supply Chain Management


PhD in logistics and supply chain management program is globally recognized and honorably reputed. Our PhDs are working in multifaceted organizations, universities and renowned institutes. PhD in supply chain management distance learning program is internationally recognized and awarded by accredited body in the United States.

PhD in supply chain management / PhD logistics will introduce you to the modern corporate trends around the world. It helps our scholars to learn and research to create a system that is faster, better and lowers cost in multiple dimensions of procurement, manufacturing, distribution, transportation, warehousing, retailing and provides professional advancement.

You choose AIMS, because of the successful induction of our scholars in multiple industries operating supply chains. The supply chain PhD participants are not limited, but some are:

  • Top managers & executives from multiple organizations,
  • Young scholars and researchers,
  • Managers seeking a career in supply chain,
  • Teachers pursuing a career as associate professor or professor,
  • Consultants.

Our convenient PhD in supply chain management distance learning program can quickly be scheduled around work and family. It is flexible, convenient, cost-effective, greater focus, comprehensive, helps to build a solid base for research, quicker adoption of products and services offered locally, internationally, and gives you permanent content and standard training manuals, which becomes an asset.

Students who hold Masters in Supply Chain Management from AIMS or any other recognized institution may enroll in the supply chain PhD, without additional course work. However, for other graduates, supply chain management diploma is a pre-requisite, which cover all the major supply chain management courses and logistics courses.
  • Research based doctorate degree.
  • Internationally Accredited Qualification.
  • Facilitated by leading experts in supply chain and logistics fields.
  • Flexible distance learning model.
  • Full-Time & Part-Time study options.

Our Student Say!

“Achieving the PhD in Supply Chain Management from AIMS is the most important part of my career. This experience has given me confidence to achieve something that I used to believe as impossible. As a busy professional, I found that AIMS is an excellent place for intellectual development through distance learning. I am working full-time, and AIMS’ convenient learning model suited my busy schedule. The PhD in logistics and supply chain management program prepared me well for my future professional prospects, and working in an R&D environment. The program greatly enhanced my career and professional connections. I love the learning methodology offered for my supply chain PhD, and the professors were great.”

Christopher Norton, Director Planning.