PhD Supply Chain Management:

The supply chain and logistics management in today’s world is the backbone of organizations and creates a competitive advantage. The PhD supply chain management online program emphasizes the development of critical and analytical thinking skills, as well as a thorough grasp of the most recent research areas that employers and organizations want. Students create a research-based dissertation and emphasize the industry’s evidence-based practices to show their ability as the next generation of scholars. The online PhD in supply chain management and logistics objectify opens up new doors for career advancement, giving our students an edge when applying for jobs, and growing their proficiency in the fields of logistics and supply chain management.

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Supply Chain PhD: A Quick Review

Study Mode Distance Learning | Self-paced.
Study Requirements Prepare your dissertation, supervised by AIMS’ Faculty
Average Duration of Completion 2 year.
Registration Validity 3 years.
Study Requirements 10-12 hours per week.
Credit Hours 12.
UK Qualification Equivalency Level-8.

How to Get an Online PhD in Supply Chain Management with AIMS?

Our PhD in logistics and supply chain management program mandates that students actively engage in exhaustive research, preparing a thesis under the supervision of our expert faculty. A weekly self-study commitment of around 10-12 hours is recommended, accommodating those who need to align their academic endeavors with work and family commitments. Our PhD in supply chain management program offers a comprehensive yet cost-effective pathway to advanced knowledge, embedding students with a strong foundation in global supply chain services through cutting-edge research methods. Embarking on our four-step journey, students can attain a doctorate in supply chain management.

phd in supply chain management

Student’s Testimonial!

“The team at AIMS is always there to support and respond promptly to any form of communication. Their approach to learning is exceptional. I am grateful for the opportunity to acquire numerous skills during the PhD in supply chain management and expand my knowledge. Now, it is my responsibility to share that knowledge with others.”

Khalfan A. S.

Steps for Completion

  • Step-1: Admission:

    The first thing you must do is send us a scanned copy of your Master’s degree. The Certified Supply Chain Expert (CSCE is among the best supply chain certification) may satisfy the supply chain PhD admission prerequisite requirements, if your master’s major was not supply chain or logistics. If you satisfy eligibility requirements may register and pay online. Admission processing takes four to five working days.

  • Step-2: Approval of Research Topic:

    The second step is to propose your research area for the PhD in supply chain management. Make sure that your research subject matches your career objectives, style, and experience. You may also prepare a proposal by discussing it with our program faculty. When the supply chain PhD committee approves your proposal, you may begin your dissertation.

  • Step-3: Preparing the Ph.D. Dissertation:

    You can count on your supervisor to help you with the development of your dissertation, utilizing your unique skills and experience. Throughout your PhD supply chain management research, there will be faculty guidance available to support you. In addition to traditional methods of communication, such as emails, you can also utilize modern platforms like WhatsApp.

  • Step-4: Evaluation and Doctorate Award:

    Once you have completed your PhD supply chain management dissertation, it will undergo evaluation by both your supervisor and the members of your supply chain PhD committee. The defense of your dissertation can take place either online or in the United Kingdom. Successful candidates will be granted their Ph.D. degrees.


AIMS is a registered institution with the UKRLP and has received accreditation from CPD in the United Kingdom. The Doctorate in Supply Chain Management follows the guidelines set by the Ofqual Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) for Level-8 PhD Degree. AIMS has also established alliances with government-registered and chartered universities, guaranteeing that your PhD in Supply Chain degree is earned from institutions accredited by recognized bodies such as ASIC (UK).

Strategic Goals!

  • Gain a profound understanding of supply chain logistics, including the latest trends, technologies, and challenges in the industry.

  • Develop strategies for optimizing supply chain operations and managing logistics in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

  • Gain a competitive edge in the job market, opening up opportunities for high-level roles in academia, consulting, and industry.

  • Earn a UK accredited and globally recognized degree, which assures students of a universally accepted, top-tier education.

Key Features of Our PhD Supply Chain Management

  • Global Recognition & UK Accreditation

    Our alumni actively contribute to the world of business, serving in multinational corporations, universities, and prestigious institutions across the globe. The PhD in logistics and supply chain management, a program we proudly offer in collaboration with an accredited university, forms one part of our comprehensive suite of educational offerings. Furthermore, our academic provisions extend to a robust online Master’s degree in logistics and supply chain and a practical diploma in supply chain management & logistics, both designed to equip students with industry-relevant skills and knowledge.

  • Ideal Candidates for PhD in Supply Chain Management

    • Senior Supply Chain Managers or those already working in SCM for better decision-making processes and climb the corporate ladder.
    • Directors of Supply Chains gain strategic and analytical know-how, enabling them to oversee complex, global supply chain networks effectively.
    • Academics and Researchers interested in delving deeper into project management theory, to contribute novel insights and understandings to the field.
    • Logistics Professionals who are involved in analyzing and identifying areas for efficiency gains. The program provides them with advanced analytical skills and an in-depth understanding of the industry.
    • Consultants looking to specialize in logistics and supply chain management can enhance their portfolio with a Ph.D., gaining an edge in the competitive consulting market.
    • Entrepreneurs in the supply chain or logistics space to innovate their business models, optimize operations, and drive growth.
  • Flexible & Globally Accessible Education

    The quality of our online doctorate in supply chain management program lies in its universal accessibility, breaking down geographical barriers, and bringing quality education to your fingertips. The program caters to the dynamics of modern life, offering the convenience of engaging with course material anytime, any day. This flexibility allows you to mold your academic journey around personal and professional commitments, creating an equilibrium that fosters both, career progression and intellectual growth. Our online PhD in supply chain management is accessible globally, making learning a part of your everyday life.

  • Career Paths and Salary Prospects

    • Supply Chain Director is responsible for the planning, management, and coordination of logistics operations. Salary $200,000.
    • Vice President, Supply Chain Management is tasked with strategic planning and execution of all supply chain functions. Salary $275,000.
    • Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) manages and controls all procurement-related activities in an organization. Salary $275,000.
    • Logistics Director ensures the smooth transportation of products or services. Salary $170,000.
    • Global Supply Chain Manager manages and organizes the supply chain activities across various countries and continents. Salary $200,000.
    • University Professors in Supply Chain Management are responsible for educating the future generation of supply chain managers, promoting research in the field, and often consulting for businesses. Salary $150,000.
    • Strategic Sourcing Manager plays a critical role in selecting vendors and establishing payment terms. They use analytics and market intelligence to identify the most cost-effective and efficient supply chain practices. Salary $150,000.

What is PhD in Logistics and Supply Chain Management?

It is a research-based part-time program, that provides doctoral students with the skills and knowledge needed to become a thought leader in their field. Completing the research projects will also allow students to specialize in specific fields of logistics and supply chain management; such as healthcare logistics, supply chain cyber security, or retail supply chain management. The advanced research designs boost students’ job prospects, increase their salary, and position them to become a leader in the global supply chain management industry.

Why Opt for a PhD Supply Chain Management and Logistics?

A PhD in this domain provides an immersive journey into the complex realm of logistics and supply chains. This academic venture represents a unique opportunity to influence industry-specific knowledge, trends, and solutions, thus making it a fulfilling pursuit. As you transition from the research phase to the completion of your doctorate, you’ll acquire an exhaustive understanding of your specialized area and its ripple effects across a diversity of industries. Beyond the scope of personal development, you’ll also have the chance to publish your original research in respected academic journals or textbooks. In this capacity, your scholarly contributions can play a pivotal role in advancing the global logistics and supply chain management industry.

Is Getting an Online PhD in Supply Chain Management Worth It?

Acquiring a PhD Supply Chain Management from AIMS holds immense value for several reasons:


The curriculum is strategically designed to impart not only theoretical knowledge but also the practical application of the principles in real-world scenarios. Courses such as procurement and supply chain management will help you master niche areas of the field.


The online format of the PhD supply chain management program offers unrivaled flexibility, allowing you to balance your studies with your professional and personal commitments. You can access the course material from anywhere, at any time.


Our faculty members possess extensive industry experience, providing you with valuable insights into the nuances of the field.


A PhD from AIMS is recognized globally, opening a world of opportunities in the field of logistics and supply chain management across industries.


Whether you are looking to climb the corporate ladder or switch to academia, a Ph.D. in supply chain management will provide you with a competitive edge. Positions like Strategic Sourcing Manager and Inventory Control Manager, with attractive salary packages, can be within your reach.


Being a part of AIMS gives you access to a global network of alumni and professionals in your field, facilitating opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and career advancement.


Pursuing a PhD in supply chain management at AIMS provides you with numerous opportunities to delve into research. You can contribute to the field by exploring novel ideas in logistics, procurement, and other aspects of supply chain management, cementing your position as a thought leader.

What are the Research Preferences and Scholarships for PhD Supply Chain Management?

AIMS is committed to fostering outstanding talent in the field of supply chain and logistics management and offers a range of scholarships to facilitate this. Candidates demonstrating exceptional academic ability, innovation in research proposals, or need for financial assistance may be eligible to apply. Our research opportunities for an online PhD in supply chain management span an extensive range of topics. We prioritize innovative and forward-thinking research that can significantly contribute to the industry. Some areas of preference include sustainable supply chain practices, the integration of artificial intelligence in logistics, risk management in global supply chains, and the impact of e-commerce on supply chain strategies.

Whether you want to explore the potential of digital transformation in supply chain management or are keen on developing new strategies for green logistics, AIMS provides a robust platform to encourage your academic pursuit. Remember, the key is to align your research interests with contemporary and future challenges in the field of supply chain management, creating solutions that are both relevant and transformative.

How to Choose the Right Research Topic for Your Supply Chain PhD?

Choosing the right research topic is a pivotal step in your PhD journey. Here are some steps to guide you through the process:


Start by determining the area within supply chain management that genuinely piques your interest. Remember, an engaging topic can keep you motivated throughout your PhD supply chain management journey.


Once you have identified your area of interest, dive deep into it. Read extensively about recent studies, papers, and articles. This will provide you with a deeper understanding and potentially uncover gaps in current research.


After gaining a comprehensive understanding of your chosen area, identify the missing links or unresolved issues in existing research. These gaps are potential research topics.


Ensure your proposed research topic is relevant to the current industry trends and challenges in supply chain management. Consider its potential to contribute to the field and bring about transformative changes.


Discuss your proposed research topic with mentors or industry experts. Their insights can provide valuable perspective and guidance.


Based on the expert feedback, refine your topic. A well-defined research topic should be clear, concise, and focused.

Remember, choosing a research topic for your online PhD in logistics and supply chain management is a dynamic process. It requires time, patience, and continuous refinement. Keep these steps in mind and you’re sure to find a topic that is not only engaging but also contributes significantly to the field.