Roles & Responsibilities of a Procurement Manager and Purchasing Manager:

Are you pursuing the position of Purchasing Manager or Procurement Manager? Then you should know that these two are the same thing. The responsibilities of this job remain the same, regardless of how the employer decides to call this position. Before applying or even accepting such a job, it is highly recommended to know what it is all about. Do you know that are the purchasing manager roles and procurement manager roles? How about the purchasing manager responsibilities and procurement manager responsibilities? To make sure that you will fit in right and that you will able to deliver great results, you need to be aware of these aspects. Here are 10 key responsibilities, so that you will grow familiar with this position.

1. Supplier Evaluation:

Before the company gets to sign a contract with a particular supplier, you will have to evaluate the supplier to see if it is worth collaborating with it. You will look at the price and quality of the provided items, and how fast a delivery can be completed.

2. Interviewing Vendors:

You will also have to talk, face to face, with vendors, to learn more about their products and services, to make sure that your evaluation is correct and comprehensive.

3. Visiting Supplier Plants and Distribution Centers:

Visiting the supplier’s plant and distribution center can tell you a lot about a particular supplier. Is the supplier meeting the standards? Is it working efficiently in order to meet your company’s demand? Are the manufacturing, storing, and shipping conditions appropriate? These and other questions will be answered during such visits.

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4. Attending Trade Shows, Conferences, and Meetings:

A purchasing manager role or procurement manager role is always in a constant learning process, as it is mandatory to be up to date with the latest products and supplier, conditions of the market, and emerging trends.

5. Unrolling Analysis of Price Proposals and the Financial Reports of the Company:

Your company will always want to obtain the best price for each acquisition, so it is your duty to analyze the price proposals of suppliers and the financial reports of the company, before negotiating the best price. Your company will always want to obtain the best price for each acquisition, so it is your duty to analyze the price proposals of suppliers and the financial reports of the company, before negotiating the best price.

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6. Negotiation of Various Contracts:

As mentioned before, one of purchasing manager responsibilities is to close great deals in the behalf of the company, so being good negotiator is definitely an advantage. Supply chain risk management factors must be considered at all point.

7. Collaboration with Suppliers for Agreeing Upon Policies:

You will have to collaborate with the suppliers in order to come up with convenient policies that will determine details concerning the shipment of products and other details that will keep the workflow steady.

8. Collaboration with Staff Members for Meeting the Standards:

Procurement manager responsibilities includes the staff members training concerning the acceptable quality of the received goods, how to determine defective or unacceptable goods, and what actions to take in such cases. So you will be in charge with their preparation when it comes to such knowledge.

procurement manager responsibilities

9. Monitoring and Evaluation of Unrolling Contracts:

Once a contract is signed, you will have to keep an eye on it to make sure that the vendors will respect their part of the contract. And, of course, when needed, you will have to make the required adjustments to the existent contracts.

10. Maintaining and Reviewing Records of Bought Items:

You will constantly have to be aware of the items that have been purchased. Thus, you need to have up-to-date inventories, plus detailed information about a product’s price, performance, and delivery.


Now that you are fully aware of purchasing manager role or procurement manager role, you can make the best choices for your career. If you have what it takes to manage these responsibilities and roles, and others that may come along during your activity, then there is no reason not to apply for such a position. Most certainly an organized person that has great negotiation skill and it is not afraid to work with numbers will do a great job on this position. So do assess your skills and see if this particular job will fit your career goals. Our students develop these skills during the supply chain management degree and logistics courses online, offered by the institute of supply management at AIMS Education.

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