Supply Chain Management Career Path – Options & Opportunities

Supply chain management is the process of integrating and optimizing all steps necessary to produce products in the proper amount and deliver them on time. Basically, it is the movement of raw materials to consumable products in the most efficient manner possible. A retail company, for example Wal-Mart, is the largest company that is part of the Fortune 500, has built its fortune on the success of their supply chain management system. There are many good reasons to choose a supply chain management career path, especially if you have a knack for organization and working with others.

supply chain management career path

Why Choose a Supply Chain Management Career?

Quite often, a seemingly small change in supply chain, may save the company a considerable amount of money and produce a more efficient means of getting goods to the market. Here are just a few reasons to choose a supply chain career path.

1. Necessary Service:

Unlike many other management practices that come and go with the time, supply chain management is one that will always be around. It is a fundamental part of any business that creates products, so its survival is guaranteed.

2. Growing Demand:

As the success of Wal-Mart has demonstrated, more companies are now focused on creating successful supply chain management procedures and they will need to bring in those capable of delivering the right outcome.

3. Bright Future:

Global expansion of business over the past two decades has created new demands for supply chain managers to help oversee the process. It is a growth industry that shows no signs of slowing down in the foreseeable future.

How to Start?

To take a supply chain management career path, you will need to start by getting the right education and experience. This means completing a business degree which emphasizes a supply chain career path. Once you have received such education, for example logistics training, the next step is gaining experience by working for a company as part of their supply chain management team.

As you gain in experience, your talents and skills will be in-demand by other companies where you can take over their managerial staff to run their supply chain.

5 Top Career Paths for Supply Chain Industry

The career path for supply chain management opportunities are many, it’s simply narrowing down the ones that offer the most potential.

  • Inventory Manager.
  • Materials Manager.
  • Purchasing Manager.
  • Warehouse Operations & Transportation Manager.
  • Logistics Manager.

All five of these positions are considered essential for supply chain management and represent the best opportunities for career advancement. Many start out as clerks in purchasing or inventory to learn the ropes, so they can advance to managerial positions. It’s quite common for many in the field to work more than one position during their careers. This is because the demands of the job may require expertise in different aspects of supply chain management. To develop these skills, AIMS’ supply chain academy offers supply chain certification, supply chain management diploma and supply chain management degree online are among the the best qualification.

The career path for logistics and supply chain management is a healthy one, so if you have the aptitude for organization, work well with others, and can observe and plan, you have a bright career ahead of you in supply chain management.

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