What Is A Technical Project Manager?

According to the Department of Labor, companies worldwide are expected to create more than 250,000 jobs for technical project managers in the next two years. But what is technical project management and what do technical project managers do? A technical project manager is someone who plans, schedules, and manages IT or IT-related projects. So, as you can imagine, to ensure that you are a good technical project manager, you need to have amazing communication skills, be a leader and have an excellent organization.

One of the things you need to keep in mind is that when you are doing technical project management, you will have the same responsibilities as a traditional project manager. These include:

technical project management
  • Plan the project.
  • Brainstorm.
  • Execute all phases of the project.
  • Schedule and designate project tasks to team members.
  • Communicate with stakeholders.
  • Manage the budget.
  • Collaborate with the different departments involved.

But more than this, a technical project manager also needs to understand and know how to use different architectures and technologies that can help projects. Just to give you a better idea, as a technical project manager, you need to know how to perform upgrades, site maintenance, software and hardware installation, app development, and program.

Why Are Technical Project Managers In Demand?

As we mentioned above, the demand for technical project managers has been rising in the last decade. This is mainly due to the fact that we use more and more computers of all shapes and sizes.

Over time, computers have been helping growing businesses, reducing the distance between producers and consumers, and they are even taking some of the responsibilities of managing a business.

technical project manager

What Does A Technical Project Manager Do?

If you are wondering what you can do as an expert in technical project management, you need to know that while you will need to manage different areas at the same time, your main focus will always be the development of very technical projects, and change management plan could be the key.

Ultimately, you will be the one responsible for everything related to technical projects. From coordinating multiple teams to push progress forward to meet deadlines, not forgetting about talking to stakeholders, and ensure that the project will be complete on the deadline. Notice that the exact responsibilities you may have as a technical project manager vary from company to company. However, they are always to creating a vision, constructing, managing all aspects of the project, and troubleshooting. Technical project management is discussed in more details during the mba in construction management and cpm certification programs, which leads to doctorate in project management offered by AIMS (UK).

The Skills You Need for Technical Project Management:

As we already mentioned above, this role requires many different skills. If you want to be one, some of the most important skills you need to have include:

  • Great communication skills and problem/conflict solver (since you will need to work with different teams, you need to ensure that you can have all team members working well together to reach the end goal).
  • Cultivate a flexible mindset (not all projects are the same as team members are also different. You’ll need to understand these differences and make everyone stand out).
  • Deliver fast solutions to problems (as a technical project manager, you need to ensure that you can solve any problem that arises as fast as you can to ensure that there isn’t a delay).

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