Difference between Agile and Waterfall Methodologies:

Agile Waterfall Hybrid is a midway approach to Agile and Waterfall methods. Let us first understand the difference between Agile and Waterfall methodologies:

Agile Methodology:

Agile is the iterative method of project development which takes into account the customer’s demands and expectations. This means that it is used to some glitches and changes in the whole outline of the project that may arise due to these aspects. This approach is more flexible and makes testing of the whole product fairly easy.

Waterfall Methodology:

Waterfall methodology is the counterpart of Agile, and it is the recursive approach. It follows a strict routine and doesn’t allow changes in the project in the middle of the project.

Agile Waterfall Hybrid Model:

Agile Waterfall Hybrid methodology surely has its flaws, but that doesn’t prevent the companies from using it. There has been a significant growth in the trend of using this Agile Waterfall model for a lot of reasons.

Both the agile and waterfall methodologies have their own pros and cons. Ruling out one in the favour of the other would not be a sensible approach. The model that is to be followed depends on the type of project.

Agile Waterfall Hybrid is a New Approach for Companies:

  • It allows you to deliver continuously. The teams keep delivering the tasks as per the designed project while incorporating the feedback into the next stage.
  • In IT industry for example, it allows both the hardware and software team to work independently with very little dependence on each other. The software team uses the agile method while the hardware team shifts towards the waterfall model.
difference between agile and waterfall

Merits and Demerits of Agile and Waterfall Methodologies:

It is to understand that the Agile waterfall hybrid model where has the flexibility of agile method it also has the fixed expectations that come in from the V model. Here both the teams would have to show a little understanding of the process and adapt to the changes.

This model is surely not perfect but the way it blends both the project management worlds is remarkable. In order to succeed you need to be capable of working in both the environments. As a project manager choosing the right people is as important as knowing the nitty-gritty details of the models yourself, which is explained here in what is a project?

Job Opportunities for Agile Waterfall Hybrid Professionals:

Due to its growing demand, many companies are now hiring employees who have knowledge about both these Waterfall methodology and Agile methodology. This also allows them to use the employees on either of the two models and even for the hybrid one when the need arises.

To know how to manage which project takes certain kinds of skills which you do learn over the years. However, it would give you a competitive edge if you could learn this a little early in time. For this, it would help if you could get some sort of certifications. CPME project management course online  and project management degree from AIMS are among the best qualifications, that you must consider.

agile waterfall hybrid

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