Project Management Software Comparison:

One of the reasons why many companies are successful is because they know how to manage all their stuff in a proper manner. And that’s where the need for a good project management software comparison comes into play. We know how important it is to find the right software for your business, so here you have a few great ideas that you need to keep in mind.

project management software comparison

Project Management Software Comparison of 5 Free Software:

1. Britix24:

You get lots of great features with this tool. This includes task and project sharing, CRM, telephony, chat and video, social network integration, document sharing, calendar, mail server, HT tools and mobile support. On top of that, communication is very good and you have both telephony and chat here. Definitely useful, although the interface may need some work. It can be rather confusing at times for some people.

2. Freed Camp:

Maybe the reason why people consider FreedCamp to be one of the best free project management software is its interface. But the other benefit here is that it also allows you to have unlimited storage, projects and users. It definitely shines and the experience is indeed second to none in this regard. Certainly worth your time if you want a good project management tool that works great and which has lots of value for your time.

3. Mesitertask:

With this software you ca easily track ideas, projects, and you also have the opportunity to interact with the other people that work with you. The nice thing here is that you can easily modify the interface and you have lots of support for multiple employees if you want. The interface is very good, although you do have to pay for automation and increased file attachment size!

4. Trello:

Trello is considered to be one of the very best free project management software out there. It looks amazing, the value is second to none and the experience is unique to say the least. The platform is focused on productivity and you do have lots of customization options here. You will find the experience to be a very good one here and the outcome on its own is pretty interesting to be honest. It really is downright amazing, so you should totally keep it in mind. If you want to go premium, it will cost you quite a bit though.

5. Zoho:

Zoho is an enterprise solution and the great thing is that it features dedicated apps that suit your needs fast and easy. They did a masterful job at making the experience distinct and fun. The value is very good and they do have sales, marketing, business, finance, CRM apps integrated here. The only true downside for this software is that it can be a bit confusing to use at first.


Overall, there are lots of free software options out there. After reviewing the above project management comparison, you just have to figure out which one is great for you. Take your time and the experience will be a very interesting one! As long as you create a list with the desired features, you will not have a problem getting the right results for best project management practices. So, take your time with this and the experience can be a rather delightful one. Plus, once you do this you will receive a very good return on investment! Considering the importance of project management software, we have included software training in our project management diploma and project certification programs.

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