What are Project Management Skills?

Project management is becoming an essential part of businesses, of all sizes and categories. The reality is that both executives and entrepreneurs are realizing they need to have a project manager skills, if they are responsible for a specific project from start to finish. With good project management skills – a project manager will generally gather a team who will be working directly with him on the project.

7 Basic Project Manager Skills:

While project management involves many different skills and methods like ccpm, we were able to resume them to only 7. So, here is the project management skills list that you need to have to be successful as a project manager:

1. Leadership:

Leadership is needed not only to manage teams as well as to provide the general vision about the project. In addition, this is one of the project manager skills, which requires that you are able to listen to your team, motivate them, coach them, and even serve them whenever it is necessary. The truth is that when you are the project manager, you will need to ensure that everyone on your team is committed to the project and that they all know what they need to do.

Summing up, you’ll not only be managing but you will be leading.

project manager skills

2. Communication:

Communication involves understanding but also be understood. The reality is that when there isn’t a good communication, this may end up affecting the project team but also the stakeholders and the client as well. However, when good communication is in place, everyone will be on the same page. In addition, as a projct management leader, you need to understand that communication is a dialog and not a one-way message.

3. Planning Skills:

While planning is extremely important, not all project managers tend to pay attention to it when looked at the overall project management skills matrix. The truth is that you need a plan that allows you to keep tasks organized in order to get the right outcome at the right time. So, whenever something unexpected happens, you’ll be able to deal with it efficiently.

4. Time Management:

While as a project manager you have hundreds of tasks that you need to do, one of the project management skills that you need to have is to know which tasks are the ones that are really important, that have more impact on the project. While you may end up caught up in tasks that keep appearing out of the blue, you need to understand the difference between important and urgent.

5. Risk Management:

When everything doesn’t go as planned, you can be sure that people will turn to the project manager to see if there is something he could have done to prevent the situation. So, one of the things that you need to consider is that you should never ignore risk. However, risk management is a lot more since it includes being ready.

The sooner you identfy the risk, the earlier you can manage it and avoid it.

project management skills

6. Negotiation Skills:

Another project management skill that is absolutely necessary for any project manager is related with negotiation. After all, you’ll need to negotiate budgets, the use of resources, schedules, among so many others.

Ultimately, you need need to work out on compromises with everyone and make them feel they have won.

7. Subject Matter Expertise:

With the digital world, you know that you need to keep learning all the time. The reality is that things change at a fast pace and you just need to keep up.

You need to have a good understanding and knowledge about the systems and platforms that your team uses as well as you need to know how to talk with clients and stakeholders as well.


As a project manager, you will need to deal with many different situations and people at the same time. However, you need to keep in mind that the main goal is to be able to execute the project from the beginning to the end without any delays. And this is why it is so important that you possess each one of the 7 project manager skills. They will help you surpass every single obstacle that comes in your way. Professionals develop these skills during project management degree, and online project management courses programs at AIMS.

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