Change Management Plan in Project Management:

Changes occur whether we like it or not. Sometimes, a change is welcome if things don’t work according to the initial plan or when there’s the need to change something to obtain better results or reach the desired goal. However, in project management, a change management plan should be made, as nothing should be left by chance. Is it important? Yes, it is, as the success of a project management process can depend on this plan. That will be explained with the help of change management plan examples.

A good plan should contain several sections. First, change management roles should be defined. It must be clear who can formulate a change request and who has the power to authorize such a request. Then a change control board should be outlined as well. This board should be composed out of people capable of assessing the change requests, agreeing with them, or expressing their veto. Such a plan should contain a process as well, regarding the change requests. Everybody should know how to submit, evaluate, authorize, and manage change requests effectively. Coming up with a change request form is also highly important. This will enable important data collection, without which the previously mentioned process can’t unroll. A change log is needed also, which must track and record all changes. To keep all of these under control, it’s recommended to use effective management software. Same rules applies to technical project manager.

change management plan

Change Management Plan Examples:

Here is an example of how the it should look like:

  • Identify and define the present practices in your organization.
  • Outline the future aspect of the organization after the change? How will the change affect it?
  • Assess employee performance results and plan the training processes.
  • Focus on gaps regarding skills and performances.
  • Choose the best model for change management.
  • Find resources for online training.
  • Communication with employees and implementation of the plan.
  • Define and check criteria for evaluation purposes.
  • Follow-up strategy to monitor evolution and improvements.

Change Management Project Plan:

Without a doubt, every project should have a change management plan. Time is a very important resource and maybe you won’t afford to create a a plan for your project as you go. Even for a junior project manager it’s best to take care of this aspect when the time is right. So, here are the most important steps for creating a change management project plan.

  • Establish the plan’s goals;
  • Define the change team, which will be in charge of the plan and its resources;
  • Develop the plan, by coming up with a list of tasks, timeline, and by using appropriate tools;
  • Put the plan into action;
  • Employ reinforcement, but only after the plan is implemented;

Sample Change Management Plan:

You’re not sure how to create a change management plan? You can choose among several sample plans that will guide you through the process. Change Management is discussed in more details during the graduate diploma in project management (Master Diploma in Project Management or MDPM) and project management certification online programs, which are offered by AIMS. Just make sure to adapt and adjust the sample according to the needs and goals of your organization. Use the previously mentioned steps and pieces of information to compose a proper plan for your projects.

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